We are open

Dear Guests, we are open.We believe in Ukraine and our victory 💙💛Please, check the main information about how we work now.

Our location

Boryspilska St. 5, Chubynske village, Kyiv Region, Ukraine, 08321
The hotel is located near Boryspil city and Boryspil-Kyiv highway.

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The best way to book a room is to contact us via phone and messengers.+38-(095)-500-40-30Viber / WhatsApp



We accept cards and cash.

Working hours

Please note that in Kyiv and the region there is a curfew from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. (times and rules may change, stay tuned)


The cafe is open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m

Shuttle service

Kyiv city, Kyiv region, other cities of Ukraine by agreement.


Please check room availability by phone and messenger+38-(095)-500-40-30

Номер Бюджет

Economy single room

Small room for a short stay

👤 800 UAH

Номер Стандарт

Economy double room

Economy room with double bed 

👤👤 950 UAH

Номер Стандарт

Standard twin room

Spacious single room with twin beds

👤 1000 UAH | 👤👤 1200 UAH

Номер Стандарт

Standard double room

Spacious room with double bed. There are rooms with an additional single bed

👤👤 1200 UAH | 👤👤👤 1400 UAH

Номер Сімейний

Family room

The two-bedroom family room can accommodate up to 5 people

👤 1300 UAH | 👤👤 1300 UAH👤👤👤 1550 UAH | 👤👤👤👤 1750 UAH

Номер Сімейний

Suite room

Spacious suite rooms in classical style 

👤 1450 UAH | 👤👤 1600 UAH| 👤👤👤 1800 UAH | 👤👤👤👤 2000 UAH

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