Accommodation with pets

Travel with your pets


We are pet-friendly and will be glad to welcome guests with cats and dogs.To make your stay comfortable for everyone, please inform us beforehand that you are travel with a pet and read our accommodation policy.

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  • Weight up to 5 kg

    250 UAH

  • Weight over 5 kg

    500 UAH

Rules And Regulations Of Accommodation With Pets

● Guests arriving at the hotel with pets must have a pet passport with a veterinarian certificate stating that all the animals have up-to-date vaccinations. ● Pets must be kept on a leash when in the hotel or on hotel property unless it is in the guest's room.● Dog walking of medium and large breeds is allowed only in muzzles.● Pets must not be left unattended by the owners without a special cage in the rooms and public areas of the hotel.● Pets are not permitted in the dining areas of the hotel.● The guest is supposed to ensure the absence of a pet during cleaning of the room by the hotel staff or carrying out repairs in the room if necessary. ● Pets can be fed only using special utensils designated for feeding animals. Feeding pets using hotel tableware is prohibited.● Guest are not permitted to wash pets in the room showers and bathtubs and use towels, sheets, and other bedding that are designated for guest use and belong to the hotel.● It is not permitted to comb pets in the room, corridors, and hotel lobby.● Guests are responsible for all property damages from their pets and are obliged to compensate for property damage to the hotel in full according to the calculation by the technical department.● The hotel reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the guest who lives with animals: in case of violation of the rules of accommodation; in the case of aggressive, inappropriate, noisy behavior of the pet.