When your hotel is just 5 minutes drive from Boryspil Airport

Boryspil Airport

5 minutes

Subway Boryspilska

15 minutes


Kyiv center

30 minutes

Easy travel

Korona Hotel location

Great location

Boryspil Airport in 5 minutes

Enjoy our location just 5 minutes drive from Boryspil International Airport (KBP). You wouldn't wait long before you can take a break in your comfortable room and eat something.

Korona Hotel location


Boryspil highway

Due to the location next to the Boryspil highway, Korona hotel is very easy to get from the airport and back, as well as Kyiv city, bypassing traffic jams.

Korona Hotel location



Big supermarket Fora is a 2-minute walk away. Opening hours from 8:00 to 23:00

Reserve Khutor Chubynsky


Reserve "Khutor Chubynsky"

Landscape reserve "Khutor Chubynsky" is a 2-minute by feet from the hotel, where you can take a walk with your pet and just enjoy the 300-year-old oaks by yourself.

Korona Hotel location


Subway station Boryspilska

The nearest subway station Borysplskay is a 15 minutes drive from the hotel. You can order our transfer, call a taxi or take the bus №316 or №317. The bus stop is 5 minutes from the hotel.

Korona Hotel location

Shopping and entertainment 

Shopping malls

The nearest shopping malls can be found near the subway station Poznyaki and Osokorki. The road takes 15-20 minutes by car. In River Mall cinema lovers can visit Planet Cinema with ten cinema halls and a huge children’s amusement park.



Kyiv center

Kyiv city downtown is a 30-minute drive from the hotel by car (travel time may increase at rush hour). You can visit Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Khreschatyk Street, Sophia Square, Pechersk Lavra and many other sights.

Near the hotel

If you have free time, within walking distance or in 5 minutes by car from the hotel you can find:  




Reserve Khutor Chubinsky


Bus stop

post office-letters-buildings-mail-postal

Ukrposhta post office

Nova Poshta delivery

Chubynske Horse Club Magnat
Khutor Chubynskogo
Khutor Chubynskogo
Khutor Chubynskogo
Bus stop Chubynske
Chubynske playground
Chubynske Ostrich farm
Chubynske Horse Club Magnat

How to get to Korona hotel

  • Book our transfer

    The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Korona hotel is to book our 24-hour transfer in advance.

  • From the Central Railway Station

    • Book our transfer 
    • Take a taxi 
    • Kyiv Boryspil Express runs from the central railway station to Boryspil airport (it takes 38 minutes) where our driver can pick up you. 
    • Sky Bus runs from the South central railway station to Borispol Airport. You can ask to make a stop in the village Chubynske. Hotel Korona is located a few minutes walk from the bus stop.

  • By car from Boryspil city

    Drive along Boryspil highway (heading in the direction of Kiev). Turn right before the first bridge then follow the sign "Hotel Korona".

  • By car from Kiev city

    Drive along Boryspil highway. Before the third bridge go to the right to the parallel highway. Cross the bridge, you need to be on the left side of the Boryspil highway. Further you will see a roundabout with a sign “Hotel Korona”. The hotel is just 300 meters away.

  • GPS coordinates

    Longitude: 50.381343
    Latitude: 30.855417